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1L Frost Protection, Radiator for Volvo AG11

3.59 EUR
incl. VAT / tax  plus shipping costs
item number: 10003014
Availability:  now available
delivery time: 1-2 workdays from payment receipt on*
Product Description
MANNOL Longterm Antifreeze AG11 -40°C
Item delivered: 1 liter can (mixed ready for use)
Frost protection: up to -40° C
Colour: blue

This oil conforms following approvals / specifications / products:
SAE J1034
ASTM D3306/D4340/D4985
NATO S759VAG TL 774 C (G011 A8C A1)

Mannol Antifreeze AG11 -40 °C is designed for a year round use in modern aluminum and copper cooling systems, which are using antifreeze on ethylene-glycol-basis. Protects against corrosion and scaling. No foam, neutral to rubber and plastic parts of the cooling system. A ready-made solution that does not require dilution and protects the cooling system of the vehicle at a temperature of -40 °C.

Safety instructions: safety datasheet