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5L Engine Oil 10W-40 Mannol Classic

17.29 EUR
1 Liter = 3.46 €
incl. VAT / tax  plus shipping costs
item number: 10003023
Availability:  now available
delivery time: 1-2 workdays from payment receipt on*
Product Description
MANNOL Classic 10W-40 API SN/SM/CF
Item delivered: 5 liter can
Oil type: semi-synthetic
Viscosity: SAE 10W-40

This oil conforms following approvals / specifications / products:
SAE 10W-40
MB 229.1
VW 502.00/505.00

Mannol Classic 10W-40 is a multipurpose multigrade semi-synthetic engine oil. It contains unique additives providing high anti wear-out and energy-efficient properties. Guarantees safe lubrication even at cold temperatures. Effectively prevents sludge formation. It is designed for all modern engine types: with and without turbocharge, multi-valve, with direct injection; and gas engines.


Notice of the used oil enactment:

According to the used oil enactment we are obliged to take back following used oil: -- combustion engine oil -- gearbox oil -- oil filters and at the oil change constantly accruing oily waste. You are able to give back the used oil in the quantity, which conforms to the quantity you have bought from us.

Our collection point is:

Polar Parts GmbH
Am Farrnbach 4f
90556 Cadolzburg

You can give back the oil ther at any time during our opening hours. Alternatively you can send the used oil to our collection point, whereby the shipping costs have to be taken over by you.

Please not, that for used oil relating to dangerous goods can apply particular terms of transport. Further we point to, that our collection point has a equipment, which allows to make the oil change properly.

If you are a commercial end-comsumer, we point out, that we can use third parties towards you to accomplish our acceptance duty.

Safety instructions: safety datasheet