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Tripod Drive Shaft, Inner

42.90 EUR
38.61 EUR
incl. VAT / tax  plus shipping costs
item number: 10002557
Availability:  not available
delivery time: this article is not deliverable at the moment
Product Description
OE numbers
Model years Saab 900 I: 08/1987-
Model years Saab 9000 without turbo: all
Model years Saab 9000 with turbo: -07/1993
Model years Saab 900 II 9000 9-3 (YS3D): alle
FItting position: front inner left / right

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Model years Saab 900 I: 08/1986-
Model years Saab 900 II 9000 9-3 (YS3D): alle
Gearbox typ Saab 900 II 2.0i 2.3: automatic
Fitting position Saab 900 I 900 II 9000: gearbox side left / right
Fitting position Saab 9-3: gearbox side left

On Saab 900 II 2.0i 2.3 only usable for automatic gearbox

Items delivered:
CV Joint boot kit incl. clamps and grease

6.90 EUR
incl. VAT / tax plus shipping costs
item number: 10002836
now available
delivery time: 1-2 workdays from payment receipt on*